Saturday, November 21, 2009

My first 8k

Back in May I ran my first 5k using c25K (great program, btw) and caught the running bug. I was inspired and thought, " I can train for a 1/2 marathon in November", so I signed up for the Philadelphia 1/2. Well turns out that getting married, moving to another state, and quite frankly, my own damn laziness, did not prove to be inspiration for training. So tomorrow, instead of a 1/2 marathon, I will be running an 8K.
Don't get me wrong, 5 miles is still an accomplishment, but I am bummed that I didn't stay dedicated to my training and goal. The funny thing is that since I am the QUEEN of procrastination, I did not change the race info before the bibs were my bib and T-Shirt ( which I save as "proof" to myself in case I ever get amnesia) say 1/2 marathon although I will be with the other 8k'ers. So I will be the reject with the bib that has the "1/2 marathon" crossed out and "8K" written in black sharpie!! Classy!!

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