Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3,000 calories

That's the average amount Americans consume on Thanksgiving Day. Ay, ay, ay! I can't imagine what the average Dominicano consumes. The usual menu in my family consists of Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, pernil (pork shoulder), rice ( of course white...brown is almost sacrilegious), beans, potato salad, some kind of pasta dish, tossed salad ( I think that may be the only vegetables), pastelitos (fried meat pies), lots of dessert including the VERY yummy but fattening flan (custard) and of course your drink of choice...soda, wine or beer. So what's this chica who is an awful cook and lives 5 hours away from all this yumminess to do?........... Enjoy every single morsel and then work her ass off to burn those extra calories and run a 5K the following Saturday to absolve some of the guilt! The "correct" translation for Happy Thanksgiving is "Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias" ( a bit lengthy IMHO). So I thank my blessings and just say "Feliz Dia del Pabo"- "Happy Turkey Day" to all!!!

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