Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Am I really still a short little fat girl at 32??

When I was in college I fell victim to the "freshman 15". I am 5' 2" and at the time my max weight was 138...... I joked that I looked like "a short little fat girl". Now I am 32 years old and 127#. Not all muscle but certainly not all fat either. I run 3 times a week, yoga 1x week and Physique 57 (my new obsession!) 3 times a week. Problem is I eat really shitty! Anyways, like I said not all muscle but i am still ok with my body......until I go to which calculates that my "ideal body weight" should be 110#.That's just ridiculous! I will strive to resist my constant desire for white bread and chocolate, but I have absolutely NO desire to look like an anorexic.......muchas gracias!

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