Friday, December 4, 2009

I hate a good way

So you know how I stated earlier that I was "ok" with my body?? No longer the case. I think I was delusional. Sure I feel stronger and healthier. However, my eating habits are HORRIBLE and exercising does not justify extra helpings of dessert, chocolate or Starbuck's cafe mocha daily. I started to count calories.........EEEK!!!! I was consuming like 2100 calories/day! Then I took pictures, Ay DIOS mio!!!! Not cute. REALITY check! I need to eat better and increase my strength workouts. So I started the 30 day Shred by Jillian Michaels. She is ruthless, hardcore but very effective. Sometimes I yell at her, hate her and want to turn off the DVD but I stick with it for the 27 minutes and in the end blow her a kiss and say "gracias amiga, for kicking my ass ". I wanted to delete those awful pics but decided to keep them to see my before and after. I am still running 3 times a week....hopefully these workouts will improve my endurance and speed too! I have said good-bye to daily dessert ( unless its dark chocolate), indulge in Starbucks only once in a while (with skim milk, skip the whipped cream, por favor) and eat more fruit and veggies. Veremos...we'll see!! Adios!


  1. Pictures inspired me too. I had just got back from a fun vacation...and thought, oh, no, I gotta do something....

  2. I hear ya! No huge weight loss but my clothes are looser...yay!!! Curious to compare the after pics! I will be on vaca in January so bikini shopping is my main motivation.....where was ur vaca?